About Us

From hobby to small business.

Jordan and I met in 2017. We started Stamp Co. a year later as a hobby that we could share together and it quickly grew into a small business. Jordan pours all the candles and I add label design and marketing to the mix.

Since we love living in Sioux Falls, we wanted to feature local places on our products. We first pick out candle scents that we love and then we name them after places that remind us of that scent.

It is very important to us that our products are safe for not only our customers but also our environment. Our soy candles use domestically grown natural soy wax and zinc free wicks for clean burning. Soy candles are much safer than paraffin wax, which can hurt your air quality. Our reed diffusers also use a safe oil alternative and are scented with essential oils.

Thank you for visiting our website. We enjoy sharing our creative outlet with you and seeing Stamp Co. grow!